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"this project did not close successfully"

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this is the message i've recieved every time i've tried to start a project with my newly purchased license. "this project did not close successfully the last time it was opened. please restart your computer and try opening it again" ... needless to say, that does not help. I had started a project with my trial, but can't that to open either. so basically, i cant get the program to work, at all. every new project i start gives me that message. and when i try to open the trial project, it says the same thing. help! i just bought this and really need to start working with it...

(have contacted IT but no response yet)

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Can you please try to compact your project file using the steps below:



If the issue persists, please submit a support form at: http://www.qsrinternational.com/support_contact-support.aspx




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