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Another whole day's work lost?

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Hi, I've been having a problem intermittently but the result has been several days lost work in total:


I save my project when prompted every 15 minutes but am I right that after a crash this can revert to the version that was last closed i.e. my versions saved throughout the day are no longer in existence?


I get a prompt saying that there has been a problem and I must re-save under a different name so I think no problem, create this new file but then the new file doesn't work - it looks like it's worked but it's a much much bigger filesize and although the nodes are there and the numbers look like they contain coded text, when I try to look inside the node it is blank and then NVivo crashes.


As would anyone be at losing work - I'm tearing my hair out - please could someone advise.


1) if the 15 minute saved versions are anywhere (if not - is there any point saving these?)


2) if there's any way of recovering/repairing this new, apparently malfunctioning version that I was prompted to save?



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Hi Matt,

By default, NVivo prompts you to save your project every 15 minutes. You can adjust the time interval between save reminders, if you want to be reminded more or less frequently.

As you update and save your project, NVivo creates a 'project recovery file' to protect against loss of data. This is useful in situations where your project is compromised and you cannot open it—you will have the option to restore it from the project recovery file. By default, NVivo creates a backup of the project file once per day.

Please refer to the link below for more information:


Could you please submit a support request via the link as we will need further information to investigate the cause of crash and check the possibility of project recovery?




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