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Coding Multiple Rows in Audio Transcript

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Hi all,


I am a relatively new user of NVivo for Mac and recently used the software to transcribe the audio files of 25 in-depth qualitative interviews. Each row in the transcription represents a turn to a different speaker (the interview goes back and forth between me and the interviewee). I am now coding the interview transcripts, a process that as you know involves highlighting text and assigning a code/theme to the text. In many cases there are multiple turns in conversations that correspond to one particular code/theme (e.g. a five-minute back-and-forth conversation about motivational interviewing). However, I am only able to highlight one row of text at a time; NVivo is not allowing me to highlight across multiple consecutive rows. So for example if there are 10 rows in a conversation about motivational interviewing, I have to highlight and code each of the 10 rows separately, but I don't want this; for the purpose of analysis I need them to be grouped together.


Has anyone else had the same issue? Might you have any advice?


Thanks in advance for any pointers,





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HI Melissa,




At this stage, NVivo for Mac doesn't support allow for coding of multiple rows at a time. We are constantly working to add more to the software, and your feedback is invaluable in helping us to determine how we prioritise the addition of new features.


I've passed your comments on to our product manager for consideration in future updates of NVivo.



I hope this helps. Let me know if you would like more information.








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Melissa, if you don't need to be able to access the audio, I have exported the transcription to Word, played with the formatting (1.15 spacing, eliminated the speaker column, and changed column sizes) and re-imported the document so that I can now annotate and code multiple cells of the table. It's a few extra steps, but I think it will be better for me. Hope this helps!

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HI Raychel,


Thanks for your input. I've passed on your request about coding multiple rows in NVivo for Mac, to our Product team.


Wish you all the best for your research.





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