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Retrieving nodes with a particular attribute (this should be easy!)

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I've been looking at lots of online help pages but I don't find the language very intuitive, I don't think I'm trying to do anything complicated but would appreciate any suggestions on how to go about this - feels like I'm nearly there...


- I've imported data and coded it all.


- I've set up node classifications for all my sources (gender, age group, diagnosis etc.)


- Now what I want to do is be able to view coded data based on an attribute from one of the classifications e.g. I want to look at a node 'experience of healthcare' and look at what all the men in the group said about this - and be able to look at all text data.


I'm sure this is straightforward and I'm missing something fundamental but any help gratefully received!



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You can use the Advanced Coding Query to filter the coded text for a node based on attribute value. Please refer to the instructions below:


  1. Go to Query tab, click Coding and click Advanced tab.
  2. Select your node ‘experience of healthcare’ in front of Coded at by clicking Select and click Add to List.
  3. In front of Coded at, select Any Node Where from the drop-down and select your attribute value. Hit Add to List.
  4. Click Run to run the query.


Please refer to the link below for more information about Advanced Coding Query:



I hope this helps.





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