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Troubles with NVivo Heading Styles

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Inexplicably, I have both "Heading 1," and "heading 1," in my styles list in NVivo, and the same for H(h)eading 2. I have checked back to the original word documents, and Word does not have these multiple heading styles. I can't even make manual changes directly in the source in NVivo, because even though the styles list shows Heading 1, and heading 1, if I change the latter to the former, it remains heading 1. I tried just typing it afresh, and I tried reset settings. I can't find anyway in NVivo to remove these errant rogue styles. This is causing me huge headaches for autocoding my word source documents. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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In case others are reading this in the future, Rahul let me know that the problem was with the fact that the data I was importing were in tables, and right now, NVivo has issues with using heading styles with tabular text data. They hope to rectify this in the future.

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