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Highlighting text in readable research paper PDF's

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A particularly frustrating interface issue is the highlighting of text within scanned PDFs. Although it is possible to highlight accurately in the PDF file itself and even within the PDF in EndNote, when the files are brought into Nvivo, you cannot highlight specific areas of text without the highlight area jumping lines or missing chunks of text.


The example attachment explains my issue. I was trying to highlight the whole of the text portion but this was the result.


I feel this is an important bug to resolve for Mac as it prevents more widespread use within bibliographic research which I know QSR are keen to promote.


Does anyone have a work around?




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Hi David,


Personally, I do not prefer to use scanned pdf's in any platform. As you mentioned, although it is possible to highlight desired areas with some software you cannot use that highlighted area in your analysis (without having relevant area recognized as text your word clouds, text searches, auto-codings do not provide correct results). It only gives you visual ease to recognize important section of that text.


Thus, I would recommend using OCRed pdfs at all time. With an .edu e-mail you can find softwares under $50 that will make your pdf's OCRed and editable.


Hope this helps,

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Hi David - thanks for your comments. The dev team are working to improve the PDF experience and your feedback helps us to prioritise the work.

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