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Darren McDonald

Transcription of Audio - Detailed Time Point Information Does Not Appear

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Since I am entering the final analysis and write-up stage of my PhD thesis, be forewarned you will be hearing from me a lot. :P


I will be working with both the Mac and Windows versions of NVivo simultaneously. I would prefer to work in entirely in the Mac version as it is much more intuitive and easy on the eye. But there are issues with the Mac version that prevent me from doing so. As such, please take my coming posts, as much as deadlines and time allow, as my little way of helping out to make the Mac version even cooler! :)


Okay, on to the first issue. I am importing transcripts that were not time stamped into the audio file. Then I have been adding the time stamps within NVivo.


The problem is that when I pause/stop the playing of the audio file, the exact point of time (example: 00:01.15) disappears in the audio file wave view. In the Windows version, the exact point of time appears at all times.


If I point the cursor over the audio wave, there is a millisecond appearance of this information.


Am I doing something wrong, or is this a feature yet to be added?

Looking forward to hearing from you.




Darren McDonald


(Soon to be in the UK for a year)


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Hi Darren,


NVivo for Mac, released commercially in June 2014, is a relatively new product and hasn’t had the same development time as NVivo for Windows, which has seen substantial development over several years.


Our aim is to support your work by continually adding new functionality and features in future releases of NVivo and your feedback helps us to shape the future of the software be determining the priority for adding these features.

At this stage I am sorry to inform you that it is not possible to display the point of time when media is stopped/paused in NVivo for Mac, and I have raised the matter with our Product Manager who collates all feature requests and prioritises them accordingly.


As a workaround, you can click and hold the left button of mouse on seek slider to see the point of time.


I hope this helps.





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Hello Bhupesh,


Thanks for the workaround information.


Holding down the "left click" on the mouse (track pad) over the seek slider does indeed show the point in time. I was intuitively doing a "right click" and the time was only displaying for a millisecond. So this information has really helped me out. :rolleyes:


Also, thank you for forwarding this issue to the Product Manager for consideration to include in a future version.


Cheers! :)



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