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Changes Return to Default when Re-opening NVivo Project - Audio Transcription Layout

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Sort of following on from what Mr_Tobi posted in the Mac Suggestions Forum:




When I change the layout settings - by dragging - so Mac like :) - of the audio transcript layout - i.e. have the order changed to Speaker>Transcript>Start Time>End Time - save and close the project, then re-open the project, the layout is reverted back to the default Start Time>End Time>Transcript>Speaker.


This is an issue for me as I prefer to have my layout with the "Speaker" in the first left-hand side column as it is easier for me when I am coding.


For your reference, I have included screenshots of the changes I made and saved and then how NVivo returns to the default settings when I re-open the NVivo project.


Since Mr_Tobi has pointed a similar issue, but within a different function, it seems to be an application-wide issue.


Am I doing something wrong? I could not find anything in "Help" about changing the layout in the audio transcription. If this is a technical bug, could this be corrected?


Oh, by the way, I really appreciate that the default setting in the Mac version of NVivo has the Time, Transcript and Speaker settings. The Mac version has one over on the Windows version. :)


Looking forward to hearing from you.


Cheers! :)





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Hi Darren - thanks for this suggestion. Persisting settings when you close/reopen NVivo is definitely on our radar. Your feedback helps to move it up the priority list :)


So glad you like the default columns for Time, Transcript and Speaker - that suggestion came from the user community.

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Hello Kath,


I am glad my postings are not an annoyance and actually help move development of functions up the priority list. :P


And what a wonderful Mac user community to come up with the default setting for the columns for Time, Transcript Speaker! :)

I will follow tradition and try to offer such suggestions as well. :)

Cheers! :)



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