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Changes Return to Default when Re-opening NVivo Project - Audio Transcription Layout

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Sort of following on from what Mr_Tobi posted in the Mac Suggestions Forum:


When I change the layout settings - by dragging - so Mac like :) - of the audio transcript layout - i.e. have the order changed to Speaker>Transcript>Start Time>End Time - save and close the project, then re-open the project, the layout is reverted back to the default Start Time>End Time>Transcript>Speaker.

This is an issue for me as I prefer to have my layout with the "Speaker" in the first left-hand side column as it is easier for me when I am coding.

For your reference, I have included screenshots of the changes I made and saved and then how NVivo returns to the default settings when I re-open the NVivo project.

Since Mr_Tobi has pointed a similar issue, but within a different function, it seems to be an application-wide issue.

Am I doing something wrong? I could not find anything in "Help" about changing the layout in the audio transcription. If this is a technical bug, could this be corrected?

Oh, by the way, I really appreciate that the default setting in the Mac version of NVivo has the Time, Transcript and Speaker settings. The Mac version has one over on the Windows version. :)

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Cheers! :)




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Hi Darren


Thanks for all your feedback. I have been reviewing all your suggestions for improvements to the transcription interface and your suggestions make sense to us.


I have passed them on the the Mac UX designer and hopefully we can get these prioritised in our roadmap. As you can imagine we have a lot of work to get more features into Mac, but we also want to improve what we have delivered as well. Always a balancing act.


Are you a part of our User Testing Community? It would be great to get your input into these matters early on before we release new updates.


You can sign up here if you haven't already http://www.qsrinternational.com/news_whats-new_detail.aspx?view=819


Thanks for you input.



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Hello Jason,

Thank you for your reply and for reading my posts.


I just signed up for the User Testing Community.


As I mentioned in a separate post, I am working on a major research project and am using this opportunity to report any issues as they come up as well as suggestions for improvement. So, I will continue to post.


I may also post questions on how to use certain functions that I either do not understand from the comprehensive "Help" or are yet to be documented.


I am glad you find my suggestions for the interface make sense. And I appreciate that these are being considered. I also understand that priority needs to be placed on work on the fundamental and high-priority features. But I will continue posting away so that you have a record of other things that you may want to consider.


Cheers! :)



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