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Hi folks,


I'm trying to do a fairly simple text search within a body of documents. There are a total of 38 documents, with about 920k words between them all.


If I try to do a query for the word 'further' I receive no results. However, if I do CTRL+F within a document I find the word 'further'. I'm trying to find out how often the phrase 'further education' pops up in these documents (along with a few others). Any idea of how I can get around this discrepancy, or why the query tool is not picking up this word?


Many thanks in advance!




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Hello j.innes,


Thank you for posting.


This is most likely happening due to the word ‘further’ being present in the ‘Stop words’ list of your NVivo project.

Please remove ‘further’ and any other word that you wish to search, from your stop words list by referring to the below NVivo help link:



I hope this helps.



Rahul Gupta

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