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I’m working on a project with several coders, and when merging their projects prior to running a comparison query, I’m finding that some coders reorganized the nodes, and therefore Nvivo recognizes them as discrete and they become duplicates rather than merged.


Of course this will cause inaccuracies in Kappa when we run the comparison query for inter rater reliability. Might you have a suggestion for correcting the node organization issue?


I’m trying to make folders in the Nodes in the hopes that I can aggregate the discrete nodes. Perhaps there is a better way…

Thank you in advance,


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Hi Chelsea,


As you are already aware, the nodes need to have the same name and hierarchical location in each project to be deemed as duplicate nodes. When merging Merge into existing item needs to be selected at For duplicate items in the 'Import Project' dialog box.


If feasible, you could adjust the nodes and hierarchy to be identical in each project and then re-perform the merge into the previous un-merged project. If not feasible, then you could merge each duplicate nodes, by right-clicking the node and selecting Cut and then click the node you want to merge into and select Merge into Selected Node.





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