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NVivo lag / freeze / speed with coding stripes displayed

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In comparative analysis having these displayed is very handy, but it really slows NVivo.

Possibly unsolvable!

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Hey Matthew,


There are some ways to optimize performance - might want to run through the check-list and see if any of the hints help.


On a side note, I'd love to hear more about you use coding stripes in comparative analysis - what are you looking for and how do coding stripes help you get there?


I'll check with the dev team about the lag - nothing is unsolvable! Easy for me to say since I'm not developer :)

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Hi Kath,

Doing an emergent largely constructivist GT PhD involving many perspectives/layers both emic and etic...as the conceptual layers accrete I find the coding stripes a good way to keep track of newer layers/dimensions/categories etc. eg - with a refocused code of a belatedly emergent conceptual category. Or if splitting/dissecting an overly complex node, just checking I have covered original linkages when reshuffling. Useful for a project that's been iterative for a few years!


Kind regards


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