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Crashing when creating a new line in transcript


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I have an assistant who is transcribing interviews for me in NVivo for Mac. She says that when she adds a new entry into the transcript (as one does to introduce a different speaker), she gets a pinwheel and increasingly the program seems to crash. She said that the problem (either the pinwheel or the crashing) didn't happen at all when she was first transcribing, but now it is doing it all the time. (She's transcribed about four interviews, each over an hour, in the last six weeks or so.) Sometimes the pinwheel goes for minutes at a time and resolves on its own. When it crashes, sometimes it erases more than the last entry in the transcription. Do you know what could be going on? It sounds to me as if the program is dealing with more data than it can handle, but I will be sorely disappointed in NVivo if four interviews makes it sluggish!


Thank you!

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Hi lkstone




This is a known issue in NVivo for Mac. The newest version of NVivo for Mac (released around an hour ago at time of writing) has significant improvements that may help address this issue. I recommend updating to the new release and seeing if that resolves the issue for you. This update is free for holders of a full NVivo for Mac licence.


If it does not, or you are unable to update, could you please submit a crash report if the software crashes again so that we can determine the cause of the issue and work to resolve it? Please provide as much information as possible to assist our technical team.







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