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How to Code Focus Group Interview Transcripts for Qualitative Analysis

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Charliee    1

Hi, I am a new user of NVivo 10 for windows.


I want to use Nvivo for qualitative analysis of around 30 interview transcripts. Most of these interviews are focus group/ multi-interviewee interviews with around 10 questions and some of the interviewees attended more than one interview. After the analysis, I may want to retrieve all of the responses from the male(female) or active(less active) interviewees for a certain question.

  1. In a transcript with 3 interviewees, how can I differentiate the interviewees in accordance with their identities (e.g., gender, level of activity, etc). Any suggestions?
  2. I read about case nodes and autocoding, but the transcripts are not formatted with “headings”. Would it still be possible for me to use “Attributes/values” in classification? If it is possible, can I retrieve the references mentioned above (with identities/attributes)?

In short, how should I deal with focus group interview transcripts if I want to differentiate the identities of each interviewees in the same interview transcripts.


Looking forward for your advice.

Thank you.

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rickdude    3

I'm still pretty much a beginner, so feel free to disregard my answer if someone more experienced chimes in! But what occurs to me is:


Duplicate each transcript so that you have as many copies as you have interviewees represented in the transcript. (Keep the original untouched.) Name each copy with the name of one interviewee. Within each copy, delete the answers from the other interviewees. Import each transcript and assign it to a case, following the instructions on page 124~ of the Bazeley & Jackson book (2nd edition).

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QSRSupport    76

Hi Charliee,


You could try as per the post of rickdude and this may work. Alternatively, you could:


1) Edit the focus group sources and format your headings with paragraph styles:



2) Auto Code to create Case Nodes:


3) Import a classification sheet to classify the Case Nodes:







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