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When importing new mp4 files (appropriately exported as mp4 files through QuickTime), I began to get an "unable to generate waveform" error at the same time that my Mac (OS 10.10.5) was telling me that NVivo was trying to use code that was not 'signed' as part of the original certificate. I had to enable any program to download from the internet in order for something called "NVivo Helper" to momentarily open and then the files were able to import into my project.


I'm guessing that this is part of the new version of NVivo (10.2.2)? Is it possible to 'sign' this software so that I can keep my computer secure from Malware? NVivo Helper doesn't open long enough for me to right click and tell my machine that it is a valid exception.


Thank you!

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Hello lkstone,


Can you please adjust your Mac's settings to how they were prior to you getting the error and then download and extract the attached audio file and try to import it into your NVivo for Mac project - does the same message regarding the certificate appear?







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Hi Andrew,


I adjusted the settings and imported the file that you sent and it imported without issue. I even adjusted the settings to only allow apps downloaded from the Mac App store and it still imported just fine.


But then I put it back to the original setting (Mac App store and approved developers), deleted one of the files I was having trouble with originally, and tried to import it again. It imported without issue this time. However, neither did I ever see NVivo Helper flash for a moment in the application dock when I re-imported a file that I deleted and imported again. I did see the program flash for a moment in the dock when I imported the Helen file that you sent me.


Now I have no idea what happened.

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