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Classifying nodes from values in a survey dataset

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I'm trying to automate adding classifications in my dataset.


I have gone through the steps outlined in the below in the 'Classify nodes from values in a dataset' section



When I go to 'Classify Nodes from Dataset' I get the attachedpost-53485-0-00320900-1450261553_thumb.jpg error message, 'Before classifying, you need to add at least one classification to your project'. My dataset does have classifying fields uploaded, and I have autocoded each row for each respondent. What else am I missing?



With thanks,


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Hi Julia

I will try to help you.

To create a classification importing data from a dataset you should, first of all, create a classification as NVivo says.


Go to


[1] CREATE ==> [2] CASE CLASSIFICATION (Alternatively, if you are classifying sources, Source Classification)



[3] Keep "Create a new classification " selected. [4] Give a name to your classification (person, for example)


Now you can import your data set into this classification.


Best regards.

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