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When I set up my first dataset, I set one column in my spread sheet as "Classifying" for analysis type. I realize now I need that column to be "Codable." Is there a way to modify this setting or to add another column that I can set as "Codable?" I have already coded much of the info in the dataset, so don't want to import the spreadsheet and start over!



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Still trying to figure this out. As Nvivo will NOT let me change dataset properties once created, I imported my Excel spreadsheet again, gave it a new name and set the column in question as "Codable." Now...is there a way to copy the coding from the first dataset onto this new dataset.....nothing else has changed order or information-wise. Thanks!

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Hi chrishaddox,


Once the file has been imported into NVivo, it is not possible to change a column from classifying to codable and vice versa. Please refer to the below help link for more information:



You need to re-import the Excel file and change that column type as needed during the import process as what you have already done.

The old dataset should be deleted and recode the new dataset. It's not possible to copy the coding from the original dataset to the latest.



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I am also wondering the same as Heather above. Or is there any way to get around this? 

I have imported my survey data and completed coding on all my open ended questions. However, I have only just realised now that there are mistakes in my closed questions/ demographics - and they therefore were not made into case classifications on import

I am aware that you cannot change survey data after it is imported, but I have completed all the open ended coding which took some time. So, I do not want to re-import the resolved survey data file.

My question is – how can I resolved the mistake in my closed end questions so that they can become case classifications - so that I can do my analysis based on these?


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Hello @Caroline123,

If your mistakes are only related to your demographic data, you do not need to make changes on your original survey data file.

Just create a new excel file for your demographic data and import it as a case classification sheet.

For further information please refer here.


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