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I'm trying to create a variety of reports to provide to my management. Here is what I'm trying to report:


Table 1:

- Number of sources entered into NVivo AND the percent of sources coded against all nodes coverage BY source classification


Table 2:

- Number of sources coded AND number of references AND the percent of sources coded BY selected nodes


Table 3:

- Word count BY source classification


I'm having a lot of difficulty trying to get NVivo to generate these reports. I'm combining various fields, and am presently at a loss. Any help would be of great value. Thanks.

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Hi mmkarpinski,



It looks like this might be something you would like to talk to our consultancy team about. The support team can assist you with basic functional questions and any technical issues, but this query appears to be more specialised in nature. One of our consultants would be happy to contact you to provide a quote for this service, so please let me know if you would like your details forwarded. Alternatively, you can contact our Training department via email to training@qsrinternational.com.

In addition to several training courses on NVivo, QSR’s consultancy service can provide you with advice on working with your projects including:

· Project setup

· Efficient and analytically powerful approaches to coding, in light of your research methods and questions

· Making the most of key tools in NVivo, specifically for your project.



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