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Working with QuickTime media files in NVivo 11 for Windows (32-bit)

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Working with QuickTime media files in NVivo 11 for Windows (32-bit)



Recently, Apple confirmed it will no longer support QuickTime for Windows. This means that QuickTime will have no further security updates or support, you can read more about the implications here.


NVivo uses QuickTime Media Player to import and play certain media files including .mov, .mp4 and .qt. An update is available for our latest version, NVivo 11 for Windows, which removes the dependency on QuickTime Media Player – You can access the update here.




If you’re using NVivo 10 for Windows or a previous version of NVivo, you can upgrade to NVivo 11 for Windows.


If you choose not to upgrade, and still want to use QuickTime for Windows, you may be able to work with these file types by installing a codec pack. Refer to the Online Help for more information. You can also convert these files to another format that is supported by Windows Media Player. See the file formats currently supported by NVivo 10 for Windows.


If you’re using a 64-bit version of NVivo 10 for Windows or previous version of NVivo, your experience will not change when working with these file types. To see which version of NVivo you’re using, follow the steps under the heading ‘Find out which version of NVivo is currently installed on your computerhere.




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