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Changing Default Styles for Maps and Copy/Paste Items

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Hi, does anyone know if the following is possible:


1. Changing the default font for the shapes in Maps. At the moment it's Arial 10, and it's too small. I'd like to make it e.g. Arial 12 bold or something. I can group select and change, but a default setting would be nice.


2. Copy and paste a shape?? i.e. Duplicate it. I thought this would be obvious. I can Copy, but I can't find the Paste option.




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Hi Julian,


It is correct that default font is Arial 10 and you can group select to change the font. It is however, currently not possible to change the default font.


In regards to copying and pasting a shape, Mind Maps provide the flexibility to copy and paste the shapes. However, paste function is not available in Concept and Project Maps. You may refer to the link below for detailed information about Maps:



I have raised the matter with our Product Manager who collates all feature requests and prioritises them accordingly.


I hope this helps.




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