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quantitative approach to facebook?

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Hi everyone,


It is me again:)

Is there a way to create an overview of the "intensitiy" in which facebook is used? For example, I would like to show at which times (during a specific time frame) there were lots of posts, comments, likes etc. Is there a way to automatically get a diagramm like that? I know it's more quantitative and not qualitative but in my case it would help me to see patterns in communication via facebook-dataset.


Thanks again!


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Hi Janina,


It is possible to analyze Facebook and Twitter data as you described. First, you need to capture Facebook posts as a dataset. Then, you can create a chart of Facebook posts over time.


If you need step-by-step guide, please refer to below link from the original help.



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Hi Can ARIK,


Thanks for your input.


Charts are currently available in our Windows version only and not available in Mac version which Janina seems to be using.


One of the workaround is to export the dataset into Excel and use Excel to create charts.


I hope this helps.




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Hi Bhupesh,


Thank you for your reminder. Yes, I forgot to mention to suggest export matrix table and use excel to create chart.



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thank you so much for your input. My problem now is, that I have trouble exporting the data into excell. I can only export it to Word and even then it doesn't export all the data...

Can anyone tell me, what I am doing wrong?

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Hi Janina,


You are doing it right. Unfortunately, you can only export your matrix in word format with the current version of Nvivo for Mac.


Therefore, first export your matrix table as a word file, then copy-paste it into excel.


Sorry for the confusion.

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