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Aggregate Sources Folders

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Hi Nvivo Team,


I think Nvivo could really benefit from having an option to aggregate Source folders.


For example this would allow you to put sources into a subfolder and they would automatically be visible in all parent folders as well. This would really help with the organisation of sources.


This is similar to the 'Aggregate nodes' feature which Nvivo currently allows.


The referencing program Zotero also currently has an option to implement this feature and I have found it extremely useful in the organisation of resources.


I hope you take this suggestion and incorporate it into future versions of Nvivo.


Kind regards,



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Thanks for the suggestion kiwiresearcher - I'll raise it with the development team. It would really help if you could give us a scenario - do you want to see child folders in the list view when you click a parent folder? Would aggregate folders help when you're running queries?

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