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Problem importing project into existing project

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I am using NVivo for Mac (version 11) for my dissertation. I used NVivo 10 for Windows for my masters thesis, and some of that data is going to be useful for my dissertation.

I converted my thesis data into NVivo for Mac, and was able to convert and open that file in NVivo for Mac version 11.

Now I am trying to import that project into my dissertation project, and I keep getting error messages with "Reason Unknown."

What is going on?

I just need a few of the coded sources from that NVivo file - is there another way to get them into my dissertation project? I'd rather not waste time re-coding all those docs.....


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Can you please submit a support form at http://www.qsrinternational.com/support/contact-support and include a screenshot of the error that you are getting? This seems like quite a bizarre issue.

Can you also please try to import that converted project into a newly created blank project and advise us how you go?




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Ok, thanks. I just tried importing the project to a new, blank one and I got the same error message.

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