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Hi docleo


So you want to run text searches and make new nodes based on the results? For example, search for 'water' and gather all matches in a new node called 'water'?


You don't have to set-up the node structure first (although you can if you want). Here's an approach you could take:


1.Create a text search query.

2.Enter the text you want to search for (water)

3.Click the little drop-down arrow next to the Run Query button and choose Run and Save Results

4.Change the location for the new node to the Nodes folder (rather than Results)

5.Give the node a name (Water)

6.Click OK to run the query.


Now, you'll have a new node called water in your node tree and it will contain all mentions of the word water. You can do this for each text search that you want to run.


If you do want to create the node structure first - then you can choose to save the text search results to the existing node (rather than create a new one).


Does this help? Let me know :)




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Thank you Kath! It's mesmorizing at first to become acquainted with the various functions, but slowly learning my way around. I have imported as internals Word documents containing threaded discussions. Is there an easy way to anonymize the participant names and how do I go about accomplishing that?

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