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Exporting Transcripts in Word Format

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Hi All


I'm thinking my issue may have a simple resolution, but I've had no joy from tech support or the online help as yet, can anyone help?


I am using NVivo 11 and have imported transcripts (internals) and applied nodes (codes) to various portions of the text. I have activated coding stripes so I can see where each node is applied and that's all fine and dandy.


I just now want to be able to export each transcript in word format (not PDF as they do not import into word well at all) showing coding stripes and paragraph numbers. I can then use these in my report as an annex at the end of the document.


The report wizard throws up a million questions and I have no idea what its asking me, how is that a wizard?


Is there a way to do this?


Many thanks in advance





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Hi Joel,

If you right-click in a Timespan cell you get the option 'Export Video/Transcript' to appear as per my attached screen shot. You can export the transcript in doc, pdf format with this option. However, the coding stripes are not exported and do not come through to the document.
If you would like coding stripes to appear, you can print the transcript document to PDF using a PDF printer instead of a physical printer (paper based) so that a PDF file is created with the coding stripes.
So effectively when you select 'Print' to print the transcript with the coding stripes and you click 'OK' and the 'Print' dialog box appears, select a PDF printer such as 'Cute PDF Writer' or the PDF printer available in your 'Print' dialog box and then click Print. The end outcome is that you create a PDF file of the transcript including the coding stripes.
If you need further details on printing to PDF, please refer to the following link:
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