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duplicate data collected

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First time poster so I apologise if this has already been asked.


I am collecting data off of Twitter using NCapture (with Nvivo Pro 11) across several different days and the NCapture has a few days in which the collection as overlapped.


for example, I have collected Twitter data for a particular hashtag I am studying from August 1-24, I have done this in several stints as trying to use the advanced search function and cycle through over 2 weeks of data is very time consuming. in doing this I have realized that I accidentally collected parts of the same day twice and there may be some overlap of identical tweets.


simply put, is there a way for me to check if there are duplicates? (without having to sift through thousands of tweets) or, more conveniently, is there a way for me to find the duplicates and delete them (like you can in Itunes for example).

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To investigate why duplicate data is not getting merged automatically when importing, could you submit a support request via http://www.qsrinternational.com/customer-support and share your NCapture files?

One of the workaround to find and remove duplicates is to export the Twitter dataset from NVivo and open it in Excel. You can then use Excel functions to find and remove duplicates.

I hope this helps.



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