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Creating sum scores for parent nodes?

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Raphaela285    0

Hi everyone,


I hope someone can advise.


I am currently refining my node hierarchy and I am grouping nodes into parent nodes. The parent nodes themselves logically have zero number of sources and references, only the (now) child nodes do.


Is there any way of creating sum scores of all child nodes for the parent nodes? I want to run a matrix coding query to look at overlap with other nodes and - for a first broad analysis - only look at the parent nodes (my broad categories).


Hence, is there any way to transform this in NVivo (as an example)


Sources References

Parent Node X 0 0

- Child node 1 2 4

- Child node 2 3 4

- Child node 3 1 2





Parent Node X 6* 10

- Child node 1 2 4

- Child node 2 3 4

- Child node 3 1 2

(*Note, the number of sources may be less when there is more than one child node in the same source)


I know this is easy to do in excel, however wouldn't be useful when trying to run a matrix coding query in NVivo.










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QSRSupport    76

Hi Raphaela,


It looks like enabling Aggregate Coding on your parent nodes should solve your issue. If you right-click your parent node there should be an option to enable this at the bottom of the context menu. You can read about this here: http://help-nv10.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/aggregate_nodes.htm


Please note that if you have any child nodes that are also parents you will need to enable this for those nodes as well in order to accurately carry to total sum up the node tree.




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