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Hello, we recently were upgraded to NVivo 11 and noticed a change from 10.

When you've highlighted a section to code and right click for the node window you used to be able to select as many nodes as you wanted for the section.

We often will code sections to three or four nodes at once.

In 11 it only allows you to select one and then you have to highlight it again and repeat the process.

I know that if we have coded part of the interview we can use the 'code to recent nodes' option.

Why was this change made? Are you away of it?

The work around is to use the CTRL key but version 10 had the option.


Thanks, Margo

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In the latest update of NVivo 11 we introduced the new coding box, which better allows you to code to new or existing items. You are correct that previously there was the option to select multiple entries with the check-boxes, but this has been changed to a method that more closely resembles typical computer use.

That is:

· Holding CTRL to select multiple individual items.

· Holding SHIFT to select multiple items in a line.


You can read more about this feature here: http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/dialogs/select_code_items.htm

However, I will pass your feedback onto our product manager who collates and prioritizes feedback to better improve the software in the future.




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