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TerryR    0

I am in the process of switching over from NVivo for Windows to the Mac version. I have the latest updates for both on my PC and Mac. There are a few things which I'd like to raise with the developers...


--Would it be possible to allow nodes to be custom sorted in the Mac version? There are various sort options, but oddly this isn't among them


--I used Framework matrices extensively in the Win version. It is disappointing that this feature is not available on Mac. I see there was a forum query about this, and the QSR respondent agreed to feed the request back to the developers. But this was in Nov 2014 and nothing seems to have been done.


--Cross platform functionality is very poor. I would have thought this would be a priority area given that NVivo for Windows is so heavily used. In team or collaborative contexts, it is likely that Mac users will always be a minority. File conversion is really cumbersome and non-intuitive. For example, an NVivo for Windows project can only be converted to a Mac version on a Windows machine. This means that I will have to basically go through all my old NVivo for Windows projects and convert them individually on my PC before I can access them on the Mac. And it means that in teams where everyone else is on Windows, working on a Mac becomes very isolating.


Thanks, Terry

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QSRSupport    76

HI Terry,


Thanks for your feedback.


The feature to custom sort the nodes has already been raised with our product team and however, I am unable to specify if and when it will be added.


In regards to Framework Matrices, I've raised it with the product team again. Our product team prioritises features based on the number of requests and the value of the feature. If we continue to receive this request from our customers, it is likely that Framework Matrices may get added sooner.


We understand that conversion process may be cumbersome and inconvenient. Our product team is working on this and will try to address it in future releases of NVivo.




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