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How to display total number of references at a node in a Matrix Coding Query

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I am using Nvivo 11 for MAC.
I have created a project and now want to export a matrix coding query. My project uses focus group data and I have many cases where one particular statement made by one person is coded more than once at a particular node. For example I may have a parent node referring to physical health with multiple nodes underneath it. There are 27 references at the larger parent node, composed of 26 different statements. This is because 1 of the statements was coded under health twice (intentionally) because that statement referred to two different types of physical health and I wanted to capture these both separately under "physical health". Now when I run a matrix coding query clicking on this physical health node, it exports showing 26 references rather than 27. This is the case for my entire project, as I have used this strategy across the total 2319 references made throughout the project.
How can I export the references and have the query results reflect the total number of times any reference is coded at a particular node? Right now what comes up is just a count for whether a specific reference is coded at a node (yes or no), i.e. 26 statements coded, rather than the total number of times, 27 references for 26 statements.
The reason I want this is that I like to export the data to excel and sort it according to number of references. The data I currently export isn't reflecting what I want to see.
Thank you,

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Hi Heather,


I can see that your query has already been answered via email. However, for the benefit of other forum users, I am pasting the text from the email we sent you.


The Matrix Coding Query (MCQ) only picks up unique references of contiguous coded text and not each instance where the same text has been coded multiple times to the same node, so that all the references appear like in the node reference view.


The workaround to display the correct number of coding references is to export the summary view for the parent nodes.

For example: If you go to the summary view of the node Physical Health, it will show 27 references for the focus groups. Right click in the Summary View and click Export to export the results to a text document.


I hope this helps.




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