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Standard View Setting/Preferences

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Dear QSR Team,

The view setting currently reverts back to the pre-set standard every time you open a new source or node, which means no highlights or coding stripes are being displayed.

Could you please add a feature that allows the user to customise this setting. Particularly, it would be helpful to allow 'Highlight' -> 'Coding for All Nodes' to be selected as a standard setting/preference for all sources / nodes. The same goes for 'Coding Stripes' -> 'All Nodes Coding'.

It is rather frustrating that I have to select both options every time I enter a new node / source. In bigger projects this slows my work down quite considerably.

Thanks and all the best,


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Hello Tobi,


I have passed your request to our product team which collates all feature requests and prioritizes them accordingly.


Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any other feedback for NVivo.



Rahul Gupta

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