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Nested case study

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LisaD    1

I am conducting a nested case study where I will be running analyses at various levels such as the course, the faculty that teach the course, the sections that each faculty member teaches, the student groups within each section, and the students. As an example, student A exists as an individual in the research but they are also a member of Group 1, within Section 1, taught by Professor X, within the ABC course. Before I begin entering and importing data into NVivo, I'm hoping to understand how best to set this structure up within NVivo to support my analyses at each of these levels.

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QSRSupport    76

Hi LisaD,


Sounds like you need to set up a Case for each student and then a Classification Sheet with attributes and attribute values to classify each Case. For more details, please check the following links:








Also, a link on a video tutorial regarding Cases in NVivo 11 for Windows:




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