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Coding the same piece of text multiple times

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mandyb    4

I have a question regarding coding the same piece of text to the same node. Let me explain:


We have one artifact which approximately 90 "raters" commented on various pieces of the text. We are trying to detect which parts of the text were commented on the most so we want to show points of overlap (the "hit rate" of various portions of text) as well as distinct features of why they were noticed (for instance, did they code for grammar, syntax, content, etc.?). Example: 5 raters commented on the first sentence of the text and 3 of those were grammar corrections.


Any suggestions on the best coding structure for this in NVivo?


Is it possible that we will need to upload 90 different documents (for the different raters) and then merge them for the analysis?


Many thanks!

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QSRSupport    77



I can’t advise if this is the best coding structure for your project or not, but if you code the comments to a node for each rater, and also a node for each feature, then you can use a matrix coding query to pull out the specific numbers you are looking for.





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