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Split Screen viewing options (NVIVO 11)

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Practical question which has bugged me for years,


I'm trying to use NVIVO in split screen so on the RHS of my screen I've got a undocked interview transcript and on the LHS I've got my node list so that I'm just dragging and dropping - I like to work this way.


However even when I adjust the column width of the various fields (e.g. Name, Sources, References, Created etc...) it still messes up when I move the window or some of the sub-nodes don't display properly.


Is there an acceptable solution for this? Ideally I'd like rid of lots of the fields I have no interest in such as created by, created on but I haven't found a way to change this view.


If anyone knows how to do this it would be much appreciated or alternatively all other suggestions gratefully received.



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Hi QDiddy,


You can remove certain columns from the view. To do this click the View tab and then select List View and then Customize.


Click the columns (press CTRL and click for multiple) you want to remove in the 'Selected Columns' list and click the double left arrow and then click OK.


If your issue persists after adjusting the view, please submit a support request form so that we can further investigate your issue:







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