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Adding a project item to my model re-arranged all the nodes

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Hi, I am new to NVivo and I am coding about 5 long interviews and I have about 100 nodes so far.


(I searched the forums for "model layout", but couldn't find anything on this topic)


I spent a couple of hours arranging the nodes in a model so I could see everything I needed to see, and communicate it to my colleagues. I noticed that I had forgotten one node, so I used Add Project Items to add that node.


(thank goodness for Undo!!!).

How do I get the layout to stay put when I add new project items to my model?
Thank you,

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Hi bjohn,


Could you please open the sample project and then open one of the models within that project and add a node and advise if you get the same outcome as your project? If you need details on accessing the sample project, please refer to the following FAQ link:







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