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Report/query all coding under a case node in a dataset

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DariaT    0



Could you tell me how I can run a query or report that could give me all the coding (node names and actual references per row) which I applied to a given column/field in the dataset?


My dataset looks like this:


ID Q1 Q2 Q3

1 text text text



The ID is not the participant ID (I didn't think I needed that because I had the line ID), it's the line ID, so when I view my dataset, it allows me to see it in full view, or just view by one ID (form) where answers to all questions under that ID are listed.


I coded the data for Q1 and could not find a way to query all coding for that column. I then read that I need to create a case node for each question, which I have done. Is there a way now to do what I need, i.e. run a query or report that could give me all the coding (node names and actual references) which I applied to Q1 in the dataset?


Thank you very much in advance!



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QSRSupport    77



You should be able to create a Report via Report Wizard as below to get Node Names along with actual Coding References:

1. Click Explore>New Report>New Report via Wizard

2. Choose Node in From a View in Step 1.

3. In Step 2, choose Node>Name and Coded Source.Coding Reference>Coded Text and move them to selected fields.

4. Click Next on Step 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and and provide a name to the report in Step 8.


When you click Finish, this report will execute and show your node name and coding references. You can right click on the result and click Export Report Results to export it to a Word/Excel file.


Refer to the link below on detailed information on Report Wizard:



I would like to add that case nodes are normally used for people or organizations and it would be best to use questions as Nodes (themes) rather than Case Nodes. Refer to the link below for more insight:



I hope this helps.




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