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Coding queary based on attribute value (filtered)

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mitjad    0



I am trying to do what is explained in your help file:

"Analyze the most frequently used words in a particular demographic. For example, analyze the most common words used by farmers when discussing climate change You could do a coding query to gather all content coded at climate change and at nodes with the attribute farmer—then select the result node as the criteria for the Word Frequency query."


So I have 2500 email texts - cases , with attribute "type" and its values "error", "suggestion", "comment".

I would like to do a word frequency just on cases where attribute type=error.


First I do Query/Coding/Selected items and select Cases/My cases (all 2500 of them).

Then I set criteria: Coded at/ Any case where/Survey Respondent:Type equals value Error, and use Spread to Entire Source.


I do Run Query but I get all the 2500 results without any "filtering"/criteria.


What am I doing wrong?

Thank you


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QSRSupport    76

Hi Mitja,


The query seems to be returning all 2500 results because you have chosen to spread coding to an Entire Source. As the source seems to be a dataset file, results from entire source are being returned irrespective of the case attribute chosen in the query.

If you run the query without spreading the coding to entire source, you should get correct results.


I hope this helps.




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