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Attributes in Classification sheet are all 'unassigned'

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charlenenz    1

Hello folks,


So I have a mixed dataset - quantitative and qualitative. When importing,it was too large, so I split it into two datasheets: A) one with student ID and comments (in ten columns - ten questions) and the B) second one has the student ID and then all of the demographics (i.e., attributes).


I followed the instructions for autocoding wizard (for datasheet A) and how to import a classification sheet (for datasheet B). I thought this would link the student IDs in datasheet A with the student IDs in dataset B.


I have one set of data in the 'sources' folder which contains all of the comments and student ID. I also have the datasheet B - demographics, in the 'Classifications folder'.


I have gone ahead and coded all of the comments into themes/nodes.


However, now I want to look at these comments in their themes as split by a attribute or demographic variable (i.e., Region, ethnicity, age etc).


However, I now realise that my entire Case Classification sheet has ‘unassigned’ variables for everything!! I cannot run any query or matrix to look at one question (‘Do you use the library?’ compared with age group). This makes me think that I did not load the classification sheet correctly and that it is not linked to the attributes.


How do I match datasheet A and B together so that I can have attributes to my cases.


Please help!!

Thanks in advance

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QSRSupport    76

Hi Charlene,


If your classification sheet is showing ‘Undefined’ for all variables you may wish to delete and reimport your classification sheet. Please ensure the formatting of your classification sheet is correct. If you have already created cases for your participants (you may have done this earlier when auto-coding), you will need to ensure that the first column of your classification sheet matches the names of each case to be able to link them together. In step 3 of the classification sheet import wizard, you will need to ensure you select the correct folder which contains your cases. You can find some more info about how a case classification sheet should be formatted at the following link:



When a classification sheet is imported, the attributes from the classification sheet are added to the relevant cases. You would then need to ensure that the data from your qualitative dataset is also coded to these cases. You may have already done this when you were auto-coding earlier, but if you have not you can use auto-coding now to do this. Please see the following link



Once your classification sheet is imported and your data is coded to the relevant cases you should be able to run queries using demographic data.




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