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Linking classifcation sheet to source data

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charlenenz    1

Hey all,


I have successfully imported my classification sheet now (yay!) and all of the values are there! (not all unassigned).

Now though, I am not sure how to link the classification sheet to the source data. I thought it would automatically link as I have the same student ID column in each dataset (classification and source data). I have spent a few hours searching online and looking at videos - but most of it seems to use terminology of NVivo 10 and not 11.


In NVivo 10 the word 'node' is used but now it appears to be 'cases' in NVivo 11. The changes in terminology is making me more confused :-(


Would I be looking to use the 'classify cases from dataset'? Here Cases would represent the individual participant's demographic information which is in the classification sheet? This would then link to the source that I have already imported?


Sorry to ask what must seem like such a simple answer. From a novice with NVivo, it all seems confusing!


Thanks in advance

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QSRSupport    77



In order to link your Classification to the source data, you need to ensure that your cases(Student ID nodes) are coded to your source data.


You can use auto-coding feature to automatically code your cases(student IDs). Please refer to the link below:



You do not need to use 'Classify cases from dataset' because you would have already classified your cases via the Classification sheet.


I hope this helps.




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