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Searching for all instances of a word

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Shooshi    0

Hi there,


I am trying to examine what words co-occur with the word "I" in my interview data. For example "I went...", I looked..." and so on, but when I use the text search function and put in "I", it says there is nothing found but when I put in "I went", it brings them up. Is there something problematic about just looking for "I"?



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QSRSupport    76

Hello Shooshi,


The Text Search query is not returning any results for “I” as it will by default be present in the ‘Stop Words’ list of your NVivo project. Any word or alphabet added to the stop word list of a project is not included in the Text Search and Word Frequency queries in NVivo 11.

Refer to the below help link for more information:



You can remove words from the stop words list of your NVivo project and try running the Text Search query again.


You may change the reach settings to see more words around your search term, by referring to the below help link:



Feel free to see the below help link for information on using special characters and operators in NVivo 11:



I hope this helps.



Rahul Gupta

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