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deleting tweets in Dataset

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scotty212    0

New to Nvivo 11 completely.


I have captured a number of days of Tweets using Ncapture and realized I have overstepped how much I want to analyse. I have imported the data into NVivo 11 using NCapture and just want to delete a few days worth of Tweets, is this possible to do? or will I have to manually go through it and uncode all the tweets that I do not want to analyse?


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QSRSupport    76

Hi Scott,


Have you already manually coded any of your Twitter data to nodes? If you have, you will need to manually uncode anything coded to the tweets you don’t wish to analyse.


If you’ve only done autocoding you could export your dataset to an Excel format and then manually delete irrelevant tweets using Excel. You’d then need to delete your original data set from your project and import the edited dataset. You’d also need to run autocoding again.


Please see the following links for how to import and export datasets.






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