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Knukes    8

I'm having trouble importing a colleague's project into my project. I created a "master" project file, and shared copies with each of 3 team members. The team members imported and coded several sources into their respective copies of the project. I was able to import each team member's project into my master project except for one person's. We are both using NVivo version 11.3.2 for Mac. I can import her project into a "test" project, but not my master project.


Do you know how I can import her project into the master?



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QSRSupport    77



We will need to take a look at your master project and the project you are unable to import to determine what is happening.


Could you please fill out a support form at the following link and mention this forum post in your request.



Please provide us with your project files by

1. Navigate to your project file located on your computer

2. Right mouse click on the project file

3. Select Send To > Compressed (Zipped) folder

4. A zipped (compressed) version of your project file will be created. Attach this zipped file to your support request


Note: There are restrictions with the file size that you attach to the support form. If the zipped file is over 10MB, please mention this in your support request and I can then set up a secure file sharing service provided by www.dropbox.com for you to upload your project.




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Knukes    8

Hi-I was able to determine that the source filenames had to be different for each project user. Once we changed the source filenames by adding each person's initials, I was able to import the project. Thanks!

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