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I am currently running matrix queries and would like to be able to save the results in a format that is easy to share with my team (many of whom do not have NVivo). Additionally, I'd like the saved results to have the coding stripes so it's easy for my teammates to see the overlap/intersection of the codes of interest. Is this possible?

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Hi Claire,


There are a few different ways you could go about this.


You can export your node matrix to an Excel or text format, or print it to a PDF or paper. The node matrix shows the number of references coded to each intersection.


If you want to export all of the references returned by your query in a single document the easiest way to do this would be to save the results of your query and then copy these results to your node hierarchy. Copying the results to your node hierarchy creates a parent node for your query and child nodes for each intersection.


You can open the parent node to view all of the references that are coded and then, with coding stripes turned on, print these references to a PDF or paper. You could also open one of the child nodes if you just wanted to print the references coded to a particular intersection. In the print dialog you can change the “Name” option to “Folder and Hierarchical Name” and this will print the names of the row and column from your matrix query along with the references.




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