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Error message - Index was outside the bounds of the array

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alr4af    0

I am working on running a compound text query and am getting the error message, "Index was outside the bounds of the array." I have already confirmed that the error is not due to words in the default stop words list.


I did see a similar discussion about this that seems potentially relevant in the NVivo 10 forum here, and am wondering if there is a similar solution to try in NVivo 11. Specifically, it was mentioned that there was an option to set the size of the project (Tools-->Options-->Plain Text), but I have not been able to identify a similar pathway in Nvivo 11. Because I recently expanded the amount of data in the project it seems like this might work.


Is this possible? Or, is there something else potentially causing this error?


Thank you!

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QSRSupport    76



This type of error is usually a project specific issue. Can you please try running a compact and repair using the following instructions and see if it fixes the issue?



If this does not resolve the issue, we will need a copy of your project file to troubleshoot further. Could you please fill out a support form at the following link and attach a copy of your project file. If your project file is too large to be attached to the support form, please mention this in the support request and we will be able to set up a secure DropBox folder for you to share your project with us. Please also mention this forum post in your support request.





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