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Andos    0

Hi all


Does anyone know how to remove the highlighting of a word after you locate it through a query search? (Without closing the file after every search)


I noticed that even after I have closed the query search box, the highlight remains and there's no button to remove it.


This is an annoying problem when I chose to conduct a search using the 'Broad Terms' approach which ends up highlighting a heap of text.


The only way that I can tell if the text is coded or just "highlighted" is by using the coding bars.



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QSRSupport    76

Hello Andos,


The highlights of the searched term cannot be removed from the search results. However, you can save the search results as a New Node by selecting and clicking Run and Save Results instead of clicking Run Query from the drop down menu. This will open the saved results node which will not have the highlighted search terms.


Hope this helps.


Kind Regards

- SS

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