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I've been using Nvivo for the past three weeks and it is proving to be very useful, however, I have now lost a number of days time due to an apparent problem syncing to google drive.


My project is held in a google drive folder, partly due to its size (150MB), but mainly because I work across three sites and use two different computers. On at least two occasions I have saved my days work and waited to ensure that the file completes its upload/sync to google drive. But when I start work the next day at a different office, the previous days work is not there. I then return to my original computer to find that the project file has been moved to the recycle bin!


So this is clearly not a simple case of not waiting for the sync to finish, because I cannot explain how the file has been automatically moved to the recycle bin and not updated on google drive twice!


Has anyone had any similar issues, or have any advice on how to rectify this as it is starting to cause considerable disruption, and is not viable in the long run.





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Hi Phil,


No worries, there is a quite simple solution for your issue.


Gdrive (and any other drive) checks the last modification of a certain file and arrange all syncing according to this data.


When you finished syncing at your office 1 it is successfully stored in your account. However, I assume when you move to your office 2 you immediately open your project file. That is the problem! Because, it still needs to be synced with the latest version of that file. If you open that file without initially waiting for sync to be completed and then close down the project file. It's latest modification data is changed. Thus, Gdrive now syncs that (older) version back again. Depending on your internet speed, the sync will be completed before you shut down your office 2 computer. Then when you go back to your office 1, you will see the older version after sync is completed.


You have two options here,


Do not turn off computers in any locations or before opening your project just be sure Gdrive is completed sync on that device.


Hope this helps,

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Hello Phil,


I would also like to make you aware of certain precautions that need to be taken while sharing or storing NVivo project files in a cloud storage provider like Dropbox and Google Drive. Please refer to the following link for details: http://www.qsrinternational.com/nvivo-support/faqs/what-do-i-need-to-be-aware-of-when-sharing-or-stor




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