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Weighted percentage in a Word Frequency query

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I was hoping to get some help please with understanding the weighted percentage in a word frequency query.


I am unsure how the percentage is calculated as there seem to be some inconsistencies with my results. For example, a word may have a lower percentage than a word with a lower count, i.e. the count and weighted percentage do not align, e.g. "rainfall" has a count of 22 and weighted percentage of 0.32 while "action" has a count of 27 and a weighted percentage of 0.30. I'm not sure if it has something to do with similar word groupings? I have attached my results table to show the numbers I am referring to.


Any help to explain how the weighted percentage is calculated and how best to interpret the result would be really appreciated.






NVivo word frequency query.pdf

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QSRSupport    77

Hello Emma,


The results of the weighted percentage do change due to similar word groupings.


Weighted Percentage is the frequency of the word relative to the total words counted. If you adjusted the slider to include similar words, a word may be part of more than one group of similar words. The weighted percentage assigns a portion of the word's frequency to each group so that the overall total does not exceed 100%.


Please refer to the following link which provides detailed information about word frequency query.






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