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Multiple Coders - How to hide coded segments from other users?

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r02ls14    0

Hi there,


I was hoping I could get help with the following question I have - I have managed to do this in the previous version of NViVo (a friend of mine showed me) but it has been a while and i cannot seem to recall how to do this.


Essentially, I have coded some interview transcripts and I am hoping to get some reliability checks by asking a second coder to go through the same documents, so I have given them the copy of my NViVo file for that particular project to use.


I am aware that the first step is setting up the initial/user prompt on launch (which I have done) however the part I struggle with is that the other coder can see the parts of highlighted text that I have already coded.


If I recall correctly, there was a feature where you could hide this, so they could only see the plain text and whatever coding/nodes they have assigned to it, but not the coding from the other user?


Is this still possible? Your help would be greatly appreciated. If not, what other alternatives would be viable for this, as ultimately, I am looking to do the kappa coefficient testing for coding similarity.


Thank you for your time!

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QSRSupport    76



There is no way to hide coding from another user in a project file, however what you can do is set up the initial project and then give each person a copy of the project file. This way they can do their own coding without seeing the other persons coding. When it’s time to do the kappa coefficient testing you can merge the two projects together into one master project with the coding from both people.


In order to do this you will need to ensure that the coders don’t alter the sources or any predefined nodes in the project, otherwise they will not merge and you will have duplicate sources / nodes. http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/import_items_from_another_nvivo_project.htm

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