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Setting up survey data for import with "select all that apply" classifying questions

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I am going to be analyzing some survey data using Nvivo. There are 3 open-ended questions that will be the codeable fields, and 4 classifying fields. My challenge is that for two of the classifying fields (location of work and place of work), these questions were a "select all that apply" type of question, i.e. for the location of work the respondent could select one or more of five areas identified.

I am wondering how best to organize my data for importing into Nvivo so that I can later view my coding by the respondent attributes. Should I have multiple columns with the same question to capture information from those who gave more than one response? Or some other approach?

This is using Nvivo 10 for Windows.

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Hello Clare,


In this situation, please check the maximum number of attribute values that have been answered, for example if the maximum number of Location of work is 5 , then please create 5 attribute columns like location 1, location 2 and so on till location 5.

Please follow the same process for Place of work. For users who have selected less then the maximum answers, leave the remaining fields unassigned.


I hope this helps.




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