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helen marshall

Work around to enable making classification sheet from excel spreadsheet

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I am thinking about using the Mac version and working with survey data. If I can’t import an Excel spreadsheet as a classification sheet in NVivo for Mac, can I import it as a dataset and use autocode and 'classify a dataset at cases for each value in a column' to create the classification sheet? Will this give the same capacity to run queries (especially coding and matrix queries) as the windows version?

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QSRSupport    76

Hello Helen,


In this situation, please convert the excel spread sheet to .csv or to tab delimited .txt format. This can be done simply by using the save as button in Excel. Once it has been saved as any of the advised formats, you will be able to import it as a classification sheet.


Please refer to the below link which provides more information on acceptable file formats:




Kind Regards,


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